Reports Data Item in RTC


I’ve 7 dataItems in report one is Transfer Shipment Header dataitem other are integer and i also make code in the trigger of that item’s header,body,transheader… sections . that all are working well in classic report, but when i conver it into rdlc for RTC through create layout suggestion it is not working. Help Me How can i make report for RTC like that.

Thanks In advance.

Hi Sharad,

As I already mentioned you the section triggers will not be triggered when you run the report from RTC. You need to change the logic and write the code in data item triggers.

Hi Kathik,

But when I design RTC Report My DataItems Not show and not their header and how can i manage this.I am new to Rply in Detail.

plz Help me. i’ve an dataitem value integer and name=printsinglerec and in section designer i use printsinglerec header,transheader,body and trans footer. how can i manage these.

plzzz give a detailed solution…

Can you show classic sections and RTC layout?

6864.Doc1.docx (214 KB)

this is my report designer

How can i show? send me your email…

attach to your post only…someone else may help you

0882.Do21.docx (195 KB)

this is my section designer

6237.Doc3.docx (179 KB)

this is my RTC Designer.

Please Help me to solve it.

hi Mohana

Plzz help me…Give me some suggestion

in Body, table you dont have header and other section fields

you have to add header in table and fields

Just check existing Sales Invoice report layout and do ur modifications on above that…

Hi Sharad,

Describe me about your report. I will try to provide you solution

i create RTC report…

if i page it’s okay…

but if more than 1 page… and then the header will be blank

i’m using something like in the manual → =ReportItems!Sales_Invoice_Header___Bill_to_Name_.Value

if 1 invoice has so many items, at page 2 (and so on…), the page header will be blank

why is that?

I SEE in original report

there is a code like this → =Code.getdata (9,1)

it refers to company name

how do i know that 9,1 = company name?

have a look at this

yes… thanks mohana…

and once again

do you know how to reset page number?

for example i print 3 documents

at second and third document , page number will be reset as page 1…


I think you have already solved that [;)]

no i mean in RTC…

i’m using global function for page number

but if there are 3 documents, and then the page number still continued

in header dataitem onaftergetrecord trigger reset the global variable.

pageno := 0;