RSS reader

Ok then here is the addon you have been waiting for an rss reader it works with rss 0.91 and can be modified to work with diferent version. CREATE(xmldoc); xmldoc.async:=FALSE; IF NOT(xmldoc.load(‘’)) THEN ERROR(‘help’); XMLNodelist := xmldoc.getElementsByTagName(‘item’); FOR counter := 0 TO XMLNodelist.length-1 DO BEGIN XMLNode:=XMLNodelist.item(counter); XMLNodeChildlist:=XMLNode.childNodes; xmltable.Title := XMLNodeChildlist.item(0).text; xmltable.URL := XMLNodeChildlist.item(1).text; xmltable.Description := XMLNodeChildlist.item(2).text; IF NOT(xmltable.INSERT) THEN xmltable.MODIFY; END; CLEAR(xmldoc); This reads the BBC’s front page and inserts it into a table. I this case keyed by title, but what you would want to do is have an index on the table and some code on the insert triger would find the current index or create a new one. Then you get the highest index and update the main form with the headline which of course has an on timer on it! So Erik when are you going to add an rss feed to MSBSUG so then we can inigate this into Navision!!! (ok ok I know this is totally useless but I am bored today on a training course). You can replace the rss with any other you like, look at or Paul Baxter