Instream and Outstream and MSDom

Hi There
I’m trying to make an XML document with MSDom - so far so good! But I want to be able to “save a document in the XML” - the document could be a pdf or Tiff for example…I have a certain idea, that I should use the stream-datatypes, but how exactly do I do this??

Hello Jens,

I can’t give you a quick answer, maybe some ideas:
I was dealing with the same thing here, adding files in xml. With M$ XML dom it’s probably possible, but I don’t know how :). So I looked for a C# component: CDATA node in an XML document, encode files with base64 then add them to the CDATA node, see links for more info…

Using XML CDATA nodes to send files via a Web Service
How to create a Navision dll/ocx in Visual Studio 2005 .NET
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I hope it helps you…