Changes to RSS feeds

Dear members,

I’ve made a change in the set up of the RSS feeds. The change is that you now must include your userid and password (encrypted) in the address. Otherwise you will only be able to see forums who are public, and not forums where you must normally be logged to view them.

So please delete your current address and create them once again from the site (when you’re logged in).


And which forums are those?
I confronted the forums when not logged in and the ones when I was logged in. I saw the same forums. Or can we see the forum-titles but not the posts in it when not logged in?

Hi Alain,

You should not be able to see the same forums. Can you also see the same forums when not using RSS?

Actually, I did the test browsing. Not with an RSS-reader.

Ahh, you’re allowed to see the titles of the closed forums (e.x. Moderators and MVP Corner etc.), just not the actual posts.

The issue was more, if you could see the excepts from the closed forums in you RSS reader…

No, I can’t see them in my RSS reader.