Roles & Permissions Porting through Excel


Can any one suggest me, Is it possible to create Roles, Duties, Privilege, Permission from Excel script.

I mean, i want to insert Roles, Duties, Privilege, Permission from Excel script into AX2012 R2 Related tables.

Roles, duties etc. aren’t represented by mere table records, they’re application elements in AOT (under Security node).

You surely can write a script that will read an Excel file and create AOT objects, but I can’t imagine how defining privileges (for instance) in Excel would be easier than directly in AOT.

It may not be that easy, and it’s not because its VBA, but things are more complex in AX: Here is an excerpt from this KB Page 28:

Changes to the behavior of roles, duties, and privileges also change the meta data stored in the AOT. These changes are reflected in the model that the person making the change is working in.

Important: The meta data stored in the AOT contains the information about the behavior of security roles, but user-to-role mapping information is stored in the business database.

BTW: There is a company called Arbela technologies that sells an AX security management tool that does exactly what you want.