Importing duties from external file and mapping them to privileges

Please forgive me if this is on a wrong forum, I am new here. I respect all of you who use time to answer questions here.

I am participating in a migration process and assigned to find out ways to import duties to AX2012 and map them to affecting privileges. My client has manually gathered excel-files with duties and detailed privileges. There are thousands of duties.

Is there a smart way to import duties and map them to specific privileges?

PS. I forgot to mention. The client has already mapped every form access to each duty to excel.

I don’t think there is any not-of-the-box solution that would read your Excel file and create duties in AOT. If you don’t want to do it manually, you’ll have to write your own script for it.
Nevertheless if the file maps form access directly to duties, you’ll need somebody to design appropriate privileges. This can’t be meaningfully automated.

Thank you for the quick response. I was expecting to not have a ready solution for this.

My client has all used privileges in AX as well as excel files with duties and privileges for each duty but is this not enough? If I create a script for the task, does it require more information regarding the privileges to be able to map each of them to duties they belong in?

I don’t know what exactly you have in the file, so I can’t say whether it’s enough or not. I was reacting to “the client has already mapped every form access to each duty”.

let get you there, you need these details to create a User access right based on what was defined. I have actually work on alot of excel files use in defining users role and authorisation. All you need do first is to create a new role in AOT, add the duties and privileges to these roles for a unique user or group of users carrying out thesame function.

Example: an account payable clerk might have a role name: Acct_PayableClerk, duties like: Create Purchase order, and privileges like: ViewAllPurchaseOrder. combination of privileges and duties makes up a role.