request form help please

Please excuse my being a noob.

I would like to know how to add fields to the request form. For example if I want employees to choose ship date

and cust. number before running the report so I want those as default filter.

Also when I want to edit a current request form I can only see one tab and I do not know how to show the next tab.

Once again thanks for help

Nav 6.0

What are the dataitems of your report?

Do you mean you can see only options tab in request form and you want to add one more tab?

can you show a screenshot of your report request form?

Please give all detail of your report and method to use. After reading report then i can suggest you a solution.

On a request form you have by default an options tab + 1 tab for each dataitem (you can hide the latter if you want to).
In the report designer you can only see the options tab.

If you want to show fields to filter on for a DataItem you do this by using the ReqFilterFields property of the DataItem.

Thanks for all the help everyone. I have it working perfectly