Report without request form

Hi, Is it possible to design a report with no fields for filtering but only a choice for preview or print the report ? Thanks in advance

Yep. To make the dataitem filter tab dissappear, you enter a key in the ‘DataItemTableView’ property of the dataitem. Note that if you add ‘ReqFilterFields’, it will re-appear again.

But in this case you take an empty form with buttons only. This is not so nice. How can you take a nice choice form for preview or print only ?

Nope, sorry, can’t do that. I’m afraid we’re all stuck with what Navision gives us :). You can’t change the appearance of the standard report forms.

But you can insert a nice bitmap and some text about the report on the RequestForm… [:D]

That’s right, you can. Do it for one report and your customer will want it on all of them though, and for free too :slight_smile:

OK Daniel, maybe it was a bad idea… [:D][:D]