Report in 4.0 Beta 2

Just an observation. Looking at reports in 4.0 I’ve seen that nothing changed: if you have to change the font, you have to write it and there’s no way to select it from a combo box as in all Microsoft’s products; if you have to change a property of a group of control, you must select one control at a time… I would like to know what are your ideas about these (very old!)problems. Bye Marco

I think a long time ago Microsoft said they would not focus on the development environment and would put their efforts into the front end. I would not expect anything soon [;)]

Maybe they will buy up Jet Reports or crystal one day and incorporate there functionality. --Maybe Bill’s wife will get it for him for Christmas?

Check out SQL Reporting Services, free with SQL, great product (note does not require running Navision on SQL).

You will also have Business Analytics in 4.0. BA is a client that reads data from cubes in SQL Server. You will be able to use any tool that can read OLAP Cubes in SQL. /Lars