Business Analysis with navision 4.0

Hi all, I was trying to see a demo about business analysis,it’s really interest features in navision 4.0 .But really i didnt find anything related to this features in my version,i have only see in the menu under Administration group at application setup but in my demo i saw something called did anybody has any idea about all this featues plz[:I].

Hi Mohamad, Are you talking about Business Analytics, or is it a feature in 4.0? Which version are you actually using?

Yes I’m talking about business Analytics.Cause It’s included in the New version(Navision 4.0)[V]

We installed Business Analytics on our dev server 2 months ago. My understanding is that BA is another client (another program) accessing your Navision database using predefined views (cubes) to help building easy reporting. BA is an external program using Windows services and connecting to your database using DataPipes, SQL server or ODBC. You will not access Business Analytics directly from Navision. For more information: I’m also pretty sure you can ask for a demo online. Hope this helps…

thx david,yes i get this idea when i saw all informations about business analytics in microsoft site.i thought it can be accessed directly from navision first but as u said it’s a software run outside navision.Thx again for ur information

Here’s a download of a beta:

thx lars,i already get this beta version from this link after doing some search and i saw it.