Report Grouping based on Temp Table.


I have a temporary table TmpGLEntry for G/L entry to which i add certain values and a new value of dimension from table ledger entry dimension into filed Global Dimension 2.

I need the grouping of my report to be be based on the temp table for the fields Gl Account No, Global dimension 1 and Global dimension 2.

I tried using the integer table but the values of the temp table are not grouped.

How is that possible?

Hi Charlotte,

you cannot group reports at run time, if your reports use “G/L entry” as Data Item then you can use “GroupTotalFields” to group you data, if you want to use your temp table as data item then you can use Report.Run/Report.Runmodal functions, these functions allow you to run report with frittered data set.


Jerome Marshal. J

Thank you Jerome,

I solved it by using a temporary table and inserting into it only the final grouped records. i used a certain key to check if the grouped record exist, if it did i sum up the amount, if not, i insert a new record.

Then i showed the values of the temp table on the body section of the table integer.

It worked excellent.