Report Based on Temp. Table

Dear Sir,

How can we run a report based on temporary table variable. All grouping and totalling generate based on temporary table variable.



your can try this:

-Create a class that populate your temp table

-Add your temp table to your report’s datasource

-Add an init method in your datasource with the temp table and call le class to generateyour datas

Hope it helps



Hi Sunil,

Fill the temp table and use an integer dataset to loop the temporary table. Use the Setcurrentkey command to set the key but you will need to code for the grouping sub-totals.

I have temp table varible that contain all data(for which grouping to be applied)

please how to implement the grouping, and calculating sum(totaling).

please five me example

Here’s a sample How To:

I know use of integer table,

but we can not implement grouping in integer as interger has only ‘Number’ feild.

I want groping according to my colomn.

please tel me

You have to insert data into table based on groping and loop the temp table in integer dataitem.