Posting directly to GL-Entry

Hi, I am trying to create a report similar with the report 90, I have all ready except one thing, the post to GL. I am trying to use the function RunWithCheck of Codeunit 12, but I getting problems with dimensions. I’m doing everything very similar with report 90, but after I call the GenJnlPostLine.RunWithCheck(TmpGenJnlLine,TempJnlLineDim); the final result that I get is all my records in table 17, in this table I can see values in global 1 and 2 dimensions but if I go check the dimensions in 355 I don’t have any record, but when I go to 356 I have all the dimensions there. But the strangest thing is, like report 90 I’m using temporary records, this means, when I call the function GenJnlPostLineFinally in my report (equal to report 90) GenJnlPostLine.RunWithCheck(TmpGenJnlLine,TempJnlLineDim); this two recs are temporary and the TmpGenJnlLine goes to no temporary table 17, but TempJnlLineDim puts the records in the real table. Any thoughts about it? Thanks in advance Nuno Silva