Replicating Navision search


Does anyone know how tot replicate the “Find as you type” search method from the build-in search.

I want to create a textfield on a form where the user can filter a tablebox while he’s typing.

In general I need to know what was entered in the textfield when the OnInputChange is triggered.



Hi Locutus,

I’ve not actually looked at developing a solution for this, so this reply is not about how to create a solution. More I would like to warn you off the idea.

In large SQL installations I will actually removed the users ability to use Find as you type, the amount of calls it sends to SQL are astronomical.

If you intend to use this on a custom development I would recommend that 1. well you just don’t do it for performance reason, 2. that if you have too, you use the “Search Description” field (and if you don’t have one on the table you want to use you replicate it from other tables) 3. well just don’t do it.

The find as you type feature is a blessing and a curse. Users love it, but then when their system grinds to a halt and you remove it because they are searching on the “Description” field of the ILE at a distribution company thats been in business 5 years, they are devastated.

So my recommendation, don’t do this. Make the user enter a whole string and then search, even then if its a text type field, make sure that its “code” and indexed correctly.


Thx for the advice TonyH [:)]


You mention removing users’ ability to use Find As You Type. Any suggestions of how this can be done in Nav 4.0 SP3? Our MS partner quoted 4 hours work to do this - seems rather excessive…

As you mention in your post, the function can be a real curse.


Hi Jeff,

Um, I don’t know what to say, I am a little shocked that someone would quote 4 hours for this work.

However, I do not know what the quote included. With anything, a backup before making changes is recommended.

However, the actual switch is relativly simple.

  1. Backup the DB, use SQL not Nav

  2. With NO users in the system, go file → Database → Alter.

  3. Remove the tick on “Allow find as you type” which can be found on the options tab.

this is E&OE, hence the point 1

Good luck! any problems let us know


Thanks Tony. I’ll have to check this out as we have had a lot of enhancement work done on our system (essentially the company I work for has tried to re-create their legacy ERP system in navision despite constant advise not to do so (the legacy system was a poor excuse for an ERP app. but was “easy” for the end user to operate)).