related to the report

this.query().dataSourceTable(tablenum(CustTable)).addRange(fieldnum(CustTable, AccountNum)).value(CustAccount);

Please explain me about above line.

Hi Taukeer,

Here in query you are using range.

Suppose you gonna filter the cust table as soon as you open the form, so you can write it in Init method of custtable and finally custtable.executequery or u can overrride the execute query and write above super.

So this means that you are specifying the range in custtable such that if field(accountnum) in custtable is same as given value(custaccount) say custaccount is ‘A001’.

by this you would get the customer master form filteration with only A001.


this.query().–means for this query(before this we are declare query)

dataSourceTable(tablenum(CustTable)).— add datasource table(custtable) to that query

addRange(fieldnum(CustTable, AccountNum)).----in that specific mention table we are giving range(means in between the range it is like restriction)

value(CustAccount);----after given range we are giving particular value

i think this information may helpful to you…