Can somebody please point me towards how to record, presumably on an output journal, the time spent by an operative on an operation? What I want to be able to analyse eventually is statistics by operative for a job. This would be in addition to the time spent by the machine the operatives were using. I can see how to record the time used by a given machine e.g. 4 hours, however, if that time has been shared by 2 personnel @ 2 hours each, I would want to be able to see the breakdown of that operation is 4 hours of the machine plus the 2 people @ 2 hours each. I’ve tried posting 2 lines in an output journal for the operation (one for the machine and one for the operative), but when I look at the capacity ledger entries, there is no direct cost against the operative. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Hi Gary Assuming you posted your “operative” time against a machine centre set up to reflect teh emplyee then the reason no costs were posted would be due to the unit cost field on the machine centre being set to zero. This unit cost will be per one of the UOM of the Work Centre associated with the machine centre.