Manufacturing-Output Journals- What table does resource time go??

I’m trying to track down what table resource costs to a Released Production Order go into. These are man hours charged for labor against RPO#'s. The accountant is using the Output Journal to input them. Then he does a Post.

If you do the F9 - Statistic’s on the RPO - I can see the charges under Actual Capacity Costs but can’t seem to find the charges in any tables. I checked the Item Ledger Entry for output type but their not there. I checked all the Prod. tables and can’t seem to find the costs there either.

Any help would be appreciated.



On the Release producton Order look at the Ledger Entries you will find records in the Value Entry table where the Item No. field is blank.

Thanks Jonathon.

They were there. The Source-No had the part number and the item no. was blank. The Document No. was the rpo #.

Thanks again Jonathon.


No problem - just waiting for my night cap…