How to link an Employee to Output Journal

When a machine operator posts an Output Journal for a Production Order Operation how can we know who the machine operator was?

Ideally we would be able to see who the star performers are to reward them, who is producing the most scrap and who is not pulling their weight etc.

I can not see how to link the machine operator (ideally Employee or Resource record) to the output in NAV. Please, any ideas?

You can get it from Item Regiser table.

You can check Item Ledger / Value entry no. to get Item register record…

Thanks for the quick reply, but I don’t understand your answer.

I wish to write some .net code to post to output journal and to link the quantity done for that operation to the person who was operating the machine on the shop floor (milling machine or lathe etc).

The operator (person) is selected within the .net app and needs to be associated with the posted output.


Could I use Resource (Person) and link it in somehow ?

What I am thinking of doing is posting a ‘Person’ Resource Journal (Hours) and an Ouput Journal (Quantity) having the same Document No. This way I can see who took how long to produce what (by linking on the document no.).

Note: The pc will not be logged in as the machine operator in question but as a Data Capture device.

Does this sound reasonable to anyone - is there a better way ?

Thanks in advance.