Questions about Pricing.,

Hi all! Please can someone explain to me how I can set up this: Prices are different depending upon season and depending upon where things are. Exemple: Parts in the NY area is more expensive than the same thing in Boston area - it is also more expensiove in the winter than in the summer - and can be cheaper for different days or weeks - exemple: Summer scholl break special for one week etc or a week end special. Same thing applies to cost and purchasing. I know that navision can manage that but I want different ideas of scenarios or set uo here. Thanks for your input.

Well, just as an example for “Sales Prices”: To handle different prices for different regions I would use different “Customer Price Groups”, to have different prices per season I would use “Starting Date” and “Ending Date”, and to define prices for a promotion I would use “Campaign” prices … Sales Type Sales Code Starting Date Ending Date Unit Price PG NY 01.10.04 30.04.05 20,00 PG NY 01.05.05 30.09.05 15,00 PG BOSTON 01.10.04 30.04.05 18,00 PG BOSTON 01.05.05 30.09.05 13,00 CAMP XMAS2005 01.12.05 25.12.05 10,00 The system would automatically use the chaepest price in a sales transaction … Hope this “inspires” you a little [;)]