Sales Prices and Customer Price Groups

Hi, It is not clear to me what the difference is between Sales prices and Customer Price groups. If you go to a customer card and you press the button Sales than you have the option Prices, here you can set a item selling price for the specific customer. If you go to Inventory and you press the button sales than you have the option prices, here you have the option to select Customer or Customer Price Group as the sales type and you can set a price for the group or customer. If you go to an order and you want to select an item than you will only see those items that will match the price group. So my question is what is the difference between Customer Sales Price and Customer Price groups and when should you use what? I hope someone can explain the to me, because this is not clear from the Online help Thank you very much. Best regards, Robert

Robert, In 3.60 you can setup a price for an item for either i) a specific customer, ii) a customer price group, or iii) all customers. On the customer card, invoicing tab you can specify if a customer is a member of a specific price group. You might have a group of customers who are all charged the same price. Hence you setup a price group, ‘WHOLESALERS’ or ‘RETAILERS’ for example. If a specific customer has an individual price, then that too is entered in the sales prices table. The data is the same whether seen from the customer or the item card. In 3.70 you can also setup prices specific to a Campaign. Hope that helps, Regds, Navicons

Thanks for your clear explanation. Best regards, Robert Jan van Kuppeveld