Sales Prices

One of our clients would like to set up different prices for the same item by different location. Eg: Item 1 - a particular price if bought from London Item 1 - a particular price if bought from Manchester Is there any way in Navision we could do this please, other than setting up 2 item cards for each location and applying a different unit price to each card. Thanks a lot Vicky

Vicky, There’s no clear cut solution to this other than the customize it the pricing structure using the Multiple Sales Price granule.

Are you selling using Sales Orders or Point of Sale? I am assuming Sales Orders with a registered Navision Customer being selected? That being the case can’t the Customer Price Groups functionality be used??? For Example: (1) create different Customer Price Groups - one for the London Customers and one for the Manchester Customers (2) specify the default Customer Price Group on the Customer cards and (3) For each Item, define different prices for each Customer Price Group (Item / Sales / Sales Prices). If the same Customer can buy from both London and Manchester, then display the Customer Price Group on the Sales Header form and change the Customer’s default Customer Price Group as appropriate (before the items are entered) - or to automate, do a mod to link the Customer Price Group to the Location?

Hi Vicky Assuming you are on 3.60 or 3.70 then Liz has the answer, and of course if when you are referring to buying you mean the customer, and not the cost (price) you pay when you are the customer [;)]

Alternatively - but still using Sales Prices - you can use Variant Codes to set up the different prices per location. This will enable selling items from different locations (Variant Codes) on the same order.

We use Price Groups. We have five prices per item. Say Price Group A - 1.00 B - 1.05 C - 1.10 D - 1.15 E - 1.20 Depending on the customer we assign them the Price Group We Want. Works Great! Note: Not sure if it’s a Mod it’s been a while, but in Inventory->Periodic Activities->Price Changes By Item. Once you have (A) prices entered we can run this report specifing a markup say %.02 and the report can create a new price group without any need for mass entering items. ( this was especially key for us due to the fact that we have thousands of items )

Oh yeah… Using the price groups will work too… [Duh!]