Quality Assurance

Hi experts,

Could u explain about Quality control and Quality Assurance ?
Generally when companies will use Quality Assurance ?

could any expert explain about this for me ?

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If you are just looking for a definition of Quality Control, you could try an online dictionary or wiki such as http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quality_control

Typically in NAV quality control would relate to inventory items in some way.

This could mean checking items after they have been manufactured to ensure they meet quality standards before releasing them for sale - this is particularly important in the food industry.

I have also seen this term applied to goods inwards handling where a purchase order is receipted into a QA location and is not made available to the rest of the business for picking and selling until it has been QA’d. This can be as simple as checking that it is all OK before moveing the stock to another location.

Your question is a bit vague. As a general rule, the more specific you can make your question, the better your answer is likely to be.



Then what about the quality Assurance , when we use the quality assurance. What is the relation between quality assurance and quality control.

You do realise that you are asking generic questions - all of this irrelevant to the software. Search for these distinctions, look locally, study, do whatever and then apply the knowledge.

You are also not putting it into context, which makes it difficult.

Here is an example, but you could have thousands, and they will differ by country and industry:

Quality Control: Conformance by specification testing. Here you set tests for processes and product and the undertaking and controlling of the tests ensure the product is subject to quality control through the purchase, production, storing and shipment cycles whilst the product is within the business.

Quality Assurance: The means and monitoring of how quality control is undertaken. All actions taken to ensure that standards and procedures are adhered to and that delivered products or services meet performance requirements

You see how they overlap and can mean the same thing depending upon interpretation and context?

in NAV manufacturing you can fill some quality measures, if you mean that.

and on the lot number information you set for every lot number if it is bad, average or good…