Quality orde over same batch, same test group & same quality association

Hi all!

I have a production order that last a whole week, I need to Report as finished fractions of it per day, but the whole production has the same batch number.

I need to activate automatically a QO every day, it would be associated to the Report as finished document, with the same test group, and over the same batch production number (the one referring to that week).

I can´t seem to achieve this, is there any way you could help me out?

Thanks a lot!

Where does it not work for you?

Because I need it to create a quality order every time (one per day) I Report as finished part of the same batch order, therefore the Quality association has the same reference (batch order), the same Test group and is about the same batch item number. And that’s where it doesn’t work!


What is your quality association?

Why does it not work, you have said it does not, but naturally if you reported 5 RAF journals you would want 5 quality orders, or are you saying you only want 1 - Not clear where it does not work for you I am afraid. Can you tell us what you are expecting, what you want and what it is doing?

Oh i’m so sorry I didn’t explian myself quite well, it’s my first post!

Let’s try again. My quality association has the Reference type: Production, and the Document type: RAF (after).

I want 1 Quality order for each RAF (so I expect 1 QO per day), but I only get 1 QO at all, the first time I Report as finished. After that no more QO are created automatically.

I hope it’s better now! Thanks very much for your patience [:)]

Ah I see, no problem with your first post, wanted to make sure I understood [:D] There is no frequency, you have asked it to produce a quality order after RAF, it has indeed done this and fulfilled the requirement. You would need to customize it I believe to create one per RAF (or raise one manually).