put date i search in header of report to another table

I want to put date i search in report how i make this as this example


sales header(indention)

sales line(indention)

then i want to put shipment date in header of employee. this shipment date found in request filter field of table of shipment line when i write date i search i want it display in header of report meaning in employee header and i want to show it in all page how can i make this

You can create field in Options tab and use it in header.

search standard reports how date field is added in options tab…

are there are any way more practical

What do you mean by more practical?

How exactly are you expecting?

I thank you for replying but i need to write date i search as request filter field are this different to put date in option tab

In OnPreReport write

ShipmentDate := “Sales Line”.GETFILTER(“Shipment Date”);

where ShipmentDate is global variable of type date…

I try to make this but it told me you must convert from text to date now what i make

did you use the date on reqfilterfields or options tab?

in request filter field i using

sorry…create ShipmentDate as text variable…