hi all,

can anyone help me out in this report.

i have to design a report from following tables using following fields.

Table fields

sales header order date,external doc no

purchase header order date , Material availability date

Purchase Rcpt Header Posting date

Sales shipment header posting date

Sales invoice header posting date

Required Filter Criteria: Date, item, Location, Purchase Order, Sales Order, Project Code, Vendor,

do i have to use sales order and purchase order tables to link up the above tables or any other tables

how can i link up above tables to display exact data

what is the condition i have to specify to get exact data like dates of a particular external doc number.

I need the report in the below format


vendor no:

sales order external doc no s/o date p/o date MAD Received Shipped Invoiced MoneyReceived

1234 10-03-2010 15-3/2010 16-3-10 25-4-10 10-5-10 15-5-10 25-5-10 25-7-10

these are the fileds from above tables.

so please suggest me how to do. just give an idea.i can develop.