Showing date filter by request filter field in header of report in formate( proplem

Hi guys i want to request about something i create report in navision but when i filter this report in request filter field by posting date then write as example 12/02/12…13/03/13 my problem is how i show this format in report(from…to) in header of report

You need to use PostingDatefilter := “”.GETFILTER(“Posting Date”);

where PostingDatefilter is a Text type variable in OnPreReport trigger and use PostingDatefilter in sections

Hi mohanna i make as you told me

1- define globale variable as text 100 datatype and his name rangedate.

2-i define globale variable as record datatype and his name is PurchHead.

3- then i write

rangedate := PurchHead.GETFILTER(“Posting Date”);

in on pre report trigger and onpre section purchase.rcpt.header

but also not work why

and also date i filter to it as example 12-01-13…03-03-13 in posting date in purch.rcpt.header

No need to define record variable.

use the dataitem name in record place…

no need to write in onpre section trigger.

i mean to add the text variable in sections…

OK thanks mohanna