Purchase Agreement Link while Creating PO from Purchase Requisition......

Dear All,

I am using Purchase Requisition from the system. while the purchase requisition is approved system as functionality to create the Purchase Order directly for the approved PR.

For the Item I have received PR I had already made Purchase Agreement with some vendors.

So Can I link My Purchase Requisition to Purchase Agreement while directly creating PO from PR…?

Or is there any way after creating the PO I can link the same to Purchase Agreement…?


Jinesh Shah

You can link the PO line to the Purchase agreement. From POline>click “Update line->Create link” button then you will see the existing agreement(if any)

Select the agreement and process.

Note: Make sure that you have an existing agreement with the same supplier which your PO is created. Also, the dimensions mentioned in the agreement must be same as PO.

My Agreement are based on product categories…

though my Item is link with that product categories…

But on the purchase order line the update link button are not activated…


Jinesh Shah

I checked it in R2 and the specific button is activated? May be your purchase order status is causing the problem? is it “Open order”?

are you following approval process for PO?


i am also having the same issue the create link option is disable, and i am using the workflow in the PO and the PO approval status is approved and PO status is open order.

Please guide how i can link my PO with purchase agreement . As what i want is, i will create the PR and then create the PO which involved the Purchase agreement.

Guys I don’t know if you are aware that you can link or remove link on PO lines/SO lines with respective Purchase agreement/Sales agreement only when PO/SO were created using those agreements. I am not fully aware why it is so but have noticed this couple of time during testing.

You can’t link purchase agreement to your purchase requisition as both are used extremely for different purposes.

thanks kiran for your reply,

can u elaborate more on that the PR and PA both are for different purpose.

take the example, like you create the agreement with the supplier for 20,000 qty then you create the agreement for 20,000 qty in the system. Now the user want 1000 qty from that 20,000 so he will create the Purchase requisition which will reaches to the procurement department after approval, now the procurement department have to create the PO for the requisition from the agreement so, i guess there should be some link between three (PR PA and PO).

You can add the “agreement header record ID” to the purchase order form and manually link a purchase order with a purchase agreement. The PO needs to be linked to a PA before you can link the PO lines.