Purchase order flow


My client want the following scenario regarding the purchase cycle:

  1. The purchase requisition will created.

  2. Reviewed by the Warehouse Manager

  3. Approved by the Manager.

4.Then the PO will be created by the Procurement department

  1. Purchase Manger review it

  2. Forward it to Finance Deptt.

9 Finance deptt will to CEO

10 CEO Approve

11.Finally send to purchase deptt.

So from 1-3 is achieved by the Purchase requisition.4 point can be cover in “Release Approved PR details form”.

rest how can be maintain as the flow required like PR.Can anyone tell me in detail.

Are you using workflow to achieve the first part? If yes then you need to implement a workflow for the purchase order part.

upto 3 step i have through purchase requisition in 4 step we transfer the item by using “relase Approve PR Details form” into the purchase order.from now i wnat the above define scenerio.And how can i achieve it . Please advise me as soon as possible.