Create multiple Purchase Orders from a single Purchase Requisition

Create multiple Purchase Orders from a single Purchase Requisition

We’ve go a request from our puchasing dept. to have the ability to select which lines on a requisition to create purchase orders, leaving the remainder open on the requisition. These remaining open requisition items would then be used to create a purchase order at a later date.

Hopefully this is just a parameter setting - and I was wondering if anyone know how to set this up?

It is possible. pls follow the below procedure

→ In AP>parameters>PR tab> set the field “Auto creation of purchase orders” to “No”. (stops creation of automatic POs when a PR is approved.)

->Assuming a PR arrived with 2 items x and y and approved. If the PR is approved, it appears in form “Release approve Purchase requisitions”

In Release approved PRs form, you will get to see two lines itemx and y. double click the list page to specify the vendor account for the one you want create a PO.

->Specify the vendor account for the line you want to process and select the check box and click create purchase order. This creates the PO for the selected record.

Similary, you can process the Item y at a later date following the similar procuredure. Please let me know for any clarifications.

Santosh -

This is how we’ve setup Requsition Parameters and it work perfectly for me.

I’m gonna check with out business representative to see if they’re using AX diffrently.

Thank you for a quick respons!

Make sure that, it’s depend on set up workflow. should you investigate more this. I used if before.

Good luck

Hii Santosh,

I made PR of 1 single item “A” of 100 qty. I wants to make multiple PO from this PR (1 PO of 80 qty, 1 PO of 20 qty).

Is of possible to do it in AX 2012? and How??

Please Help ASAP.

In my ax2012,

Account payable>setup>Account payable parameters don’t have PR tab

Could you please suggest ??