Project Expense Journal Totals - Net, Gross & VAT Summary?

Hi Everyone

We are using AX 2012 CU4. My team are raising project expense journals with some lines being set to incur VAT and others not. They want to be able to check the gross, net and VAT total of the journal before posting to ensure the figures balance. For some reason we cannot see where to do this. Although I know the net balance is shown on the actual journal detail screen, it is the overall total we need to see. When posting we can track the voucher back but only on a line by line basis.

Can anyone please advise where we can see the gross journal balance?

Thanks in advance

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I think from journal lines, Print=> Journal with Totals check-box enabled will give you this information. Once cross check and let me know.

Thank you so much for your help on this. I ran what you suggested and it did come back with the net totals per nominal a/c but it did not include the VAT. Would you happen to know where we may be able to find this as part of the totals summary? I have been into the parameters for the journal set up and also the module set up but cannot see anything?

Thanks again for your help!

If you click on Sales tax button from journal lines, it will give you Totals for VAT calculated. But I’m not sure about over all summary including VAT and Gross amount totals. Let me get an instance, I will check and let you know.

I really appreciate your help, thank you