Production order estimation error

Hi ,

While doing the estimation for production order I am getting the below error in production control module.


I have checked the table wrkctrprodRouteActivity the production order is already exist so it is throwing an error.

But I couldn’t figure without any estimation how the record already exist in that table.the record should exist in the above table only after estimation is done.

Kindly suggest any Idea



The records will be inserted into this table when you create the production order (while creating the ProdRoute records).

Try to debug and see why the estimation process is inserting a record that already exists.

Hi Kranthi,

Thanks for your reply.

When I delete the record from the above table then if I do the estimation it is working and after estimation it is creating the record in above table(wrkctrprodrouteactivity), for some particular orders only this is happening.

Please let me know where to start debugging I am not getting any idea where to start exactly.


Adding to the above

The production order which is giving and error, when I debug it it is going to the below table method

Table name is ProdRoute and method name updateReNumberOprNum().

but I couldn’t figure out any error in this method.

The other prodcution orders which are not giving an error are not going to this method when I put the debugger.

Please suggest any idea if possible


The simple way is to override the insert() on wrkctrprodrouteactivity, add a break point and see when is being triggered and try to back trace from there in both cases.

Thanks for your reply kranthi,

The above issue is resolved .

The reason for the issue is the Route operations has been deleted after creating the production order.