Production Order Error

Hi All,

I am facing problem in production details form when i create the production order with one item it will create one line Invent transaction level , with production order status as Created . but in my case the record is not creating inventory transaction level. I checked the ProdTable form Prodtable date source create method its calling ProdTableForm class but i cant find where its updating the inventTrans table.

can any one p lease help me out where its updating the Inventtrans when we create the Production order



The insert method of the prodTable will handle that.

It will call the Class → ProdTableType.insert() , in that

if (!_dropEstimated)
estimated = InventUpd_Estimated::newProdTable(prodTable, _childBuffer, this);

this will create the estimated inventTrans.

But it should create an InventTrans. Which version of AX it is? Is this related to Process Manufacturing?