Unexpected Order Tracking Entries

it looks like that every time we generate production order from the Planning Worksheet some Order Tracking entries are created, athough all our items have Order Tracking Policie set to None.
The tracking entries may belong to the newly created orders, but they may also affect previously created orders which had no tracking entries before. They also may affect to finished product as well as the components (it looks like if it were a random effect to me - I’ve tried on several copies of the same database getting different results).
Looking at old copies of the database, it looks like this always happened without causing any trouble, but since we upgraded from 3.70 to 4.02, when an output or a consumption with a greater than expected quantity is posted now it causes the error: “Assertion failed: Reservation Entry”
If the users split the posting in to lines, one with expected quantity and one with exceeding one, the posting succeedes.
If the producion order can be refreshed the Reserv. Entries are deleted and aren’t recreated.

Anybody ever heard of such a problem? [:(]

Hello Anna,

One of our customers reported the same error message with posting an output journal. They found another lot number already tracked to the production plan. When this was removed, they could post the output journal.

Not sure why this happened through…?


We have recently started using the Planning Worksheets for MRP and are running into the same problem. I have figured various ways to clear the issues as they arise but it is tedious and we are asking our solution provider to look into it. They tried one patch that solved another assertion failed problem but not this one. I’m guessing in the years since your original thread the problem has been resolved. Any insight to a solution?


Chris Snyder