Problem to reconcile GL after inventory posting

Hi all!

I have a big issue here.

I have a client who didnt run the “Adjust Cost Items entries…” on 30th September but run the Post Inventory to GL ( as the Automatic cost posting is ON and Automatic Cost Adjustment = NEVER) BUT it screwed evreything as Inventory valuation is not reconcile at all with the inventory GL account.

Please any help on how to begin to solve that? Financial statements is due on next Friday.

I wait all yours advices as this is the first time that I have that kind of issue.

Thanks very much for any help.

So why not just run the Adjust Cost - Item Entries, then run the Post Invt. Cost to G/L process?

Hi Alex,

Post Invt Cost to g/l process was run as step 1 and after that adjust cost item entries was also run ( I dont know why they did that in that order). So my question is do I have to run those batch again but in the other way or how can I fix the problem


Yes, run again in recommend order.

Hi Nuno,

  1. Can you help with dates on the Report “Post Inventory to GL” if I want to be able to run it for financial statements at the end of the month.

I know that there are 2 dates that you can use, what is the purpose of that?

  1. I have another question: What is the impact of leaving dates on the Alowing posting dates open ( ex: Allowing posting To = September 30th) related to running the "Adjust Cost Items entries " routine on September 30th or October 5th.


1 - In Value Entry you have Posting Date Filter. With that you can select witch values entries this report will use.

From Online Help Posting Date/Closed Period Entry Posting Date: If you are posting per posting group, the date you enter in this field is the posting date that will appear on the G/L entries. If you are posting per entry, the program will use the posting date of the value entry as the posting date on the G/L entries, except in the case where the value entry’s posting date falls within a closed accounting period. In this case, the program uses the posting date that you enter in this field.

2 - From Online Help

Entries created by this batch job will receive the posting date of the item ledger entries to which they are directly related, except when the related item ledger entry is in a closed accounting period, in which case the value entry will receive the posting date that you have entered in the request form. A date is considered to be in a closed accounting period when it is earlier than the date in the Allow Posting From field in the general ledger setup.

Thanks Nuno.