Item Posting setup

Hi All, I have a querry. I have done the General Posting setup in GL/Setup. and also the inventory posting setup in the Inventory/setup. but when I purchase an item the purchase side trn getsposted to GL but not the inventory one. It is the same when I do a Item Journal Transaction. where could I go wrong. thanks.

Hi, You have to run “Adjust Cost - Item Entries” and “Post Inventory Cost To G/L” Periodic activites on Inventory module. If you want automaticaly Post to G/L if you post PO then you have to Thick “Automatic Cost Posting” on Inventory Setup. Aloi

This doesn’t make sense at all from what you have said in your request. According to what you have entered, you are getting G/L Ledger entries but not Item Ledger entries. The “Automatic Cost Posting” allows for automatically posting the G/L Ledger entries when posting Item lines. Item Ledger entries are created EVERY time you post an Item line. The “Adjust Cost” routine takes these transactions in the Item Ledger and creates the corresponding G/L entries for them. I do not know a way to set up the software to stop posting Item Ledger entries when posting Item lines. Please recheck the phrasing your request, because from what you say, this should be impossible. Regards! Kristopher Webb Kelar Corporation, Canada

Hi All, Please, do not use expressions like “doesn’t make sense at all” in the End User Forum. Any End user question make sense. As minimum it means that training was not perfect and we should know our mistakes. Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc. Edited by - valentin gvozdev on 2002 Feb 11 23:32:06

Just want to check Adjust cost and Post inventory cost to Gl is Date sensitive.I can post only the transaction which is done on the WORK date.

Nope, it’s not based on workdate. You can press “F1” on the posting date field to get more information. Aloi