problem to open sales order form

Hi friends,

when i try to open sales order form i’m getting an error like

sales header does not exist.

identification fields and values:

Document type=order, value=xxxxx.

but sales header is there and i have no problem for opening sales quote and sales invoice.

please help me to solve this issue. thanks in advance


Firstly, now onward please post in appropriate forum, you have posted in Test Forum.

Did you check in table 36 (Sales Header), that Document type=order, value=xxxxx exists?

Check if some filter is applied…

ohhh sorry dhan, accidently i taken that text forum and next post onwards i’ll use the appropriate forum.coming to the matter… no filtering option is enabled for sales header and that record doesn’t exist. And one mor thing in the same database i’m having 2 more companies…but there i’m not facing this issue

You had a filter, the sales order is now invoiced and gone and hence the message. Delete the zup file would be my advice.