problem with sales order

Hi Experts,

I am getting a problem with sales order.

When i open a sales order iam getting error " Sales order does not exist."

When i compile the form using F11 it is opening and when i close and open it again same problem.


If you’re getting this error from all clients/users, then it’s most likely a code programmed to the form.

If you’re only getting it from one client then try to delete the ZUP file and try again.

Hi Veda,

This sounds like customisation to the form. The F11 posts and deletes the order and there is code trying to do a lookup/find and failing. Turn on the debugger and see where the error is generated from.

If I were to venture a guess, there are a number of subforms that are hardcoded to get certain records, which don’t exist, and therefore cause the error.