Prices are different while making Purchase Return Order

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I make the Purchase order and return it from the same Purchase order by putting the -ve value by the same quantity. On this form the value is coming fine mean revered with the same value so that the total become the zero. But when i am checking from the item,inventory transaction and search the PO, in the “Cost Amount” column the amount is reflecting different. And that difference is refelecting in the “Consumption” account which is setted under the item group posting profile under credit note section.

I am using the weighted average " Inventory model group" . I think the difference is coming due to this model group.

What i want is to use the Weighted average as “Inv Model group” and when i create the return of the PO it will take the same cost amount. Please advise me as soon as possible.



have you checked the cost rice with that mentioned in your item form. I think AX is picking price as per data in item card becuase that price will be used for posting consumption.


I have created the Purchase order order of Amount 5000.28 and make the reversal with the same amount. and invoiced it. Now when i go to that item in item master and check the transaction there it is showing two rows one with amount 5000.28 and other is showing 4345.12 for the same purchase order. And in the voucher it is showing 655.16 which is the diff of the the two amountt

Regarding the prices purchase price and cost price are the same ie 57. May be while creating the PO user change the Unit price.


I think you are right that the price difference comes from the weighted average inventory model group.

Have you tried marking the purchase and return transactions and/or have you run an inventory value recalculation?

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But my question is how can i avoid by doing this is their any way by which whenever i create the return order this difference will not appear and not effect the P&L account (Consumption)


Yes , As Ludwing said , you need to use the Marking functionality in AX . This function is used when the company wants to apply an exact cost reversing policy in connection with purchase returns. This means that the purchase return is valued at exactly the same cost as the original purchase when being drawn from inventory.

I think Without modification there is no another solution.

How can i use this Marking Functionality…Please guide me


Purchase order - select the item in the line level ( Qty should be negative ) - > click Inventory tab - > Marking .