Return order posted with zero cost or price or amount?

Hi all,

When we are trying to post return order it’s taking price as zero and getting posted.

what should have been happened?

Noticed that the Base Sale price is zero for all such Items in the Item Master itself. What causes the “Base Sale Price” to be Zero in the Item Master itself.

Are we missing on some control / parameters somewhere else in the SETUPS Or is that an user error.

Do you mean the unit price on return order line was zero? If so how does the return order line created? Manually or from another sales order?

You haven’t set it up.

You have posted your question in Developer forum (meant for development related questions). Are you looking for some DEV related help?

Also, please always tag your AX version.

How you created/send the sales order,have you checked it? and also while creating the return how did you do it, manually or applied invoiced from the sales order?.


from sales order - Return order

AX 2009 Version.

Even i tried to replicate the same scenario in test by making zero,but its taking on-hand cost which was exists before making the price zero.

sales order creation standard process.

return order is from sales order-type(return order)

Even i tried return order in three ways in TEST.

1.Sales order(Return order type)

2.Sales order details(Create credit note)

  1. Entering -ve value in the line level.

Its taking whatever the price that is there with Item.

But in live all the items price became zero.

Dont know what exactly happened

What is the return cost price on the return order line?

You set the base sales price on the item master manually.

I have given zero once,and Rs.1/- but it’s not taking zero and rs.1 at transaction level.

In transactions its showing the On-hand cost which is existed before.