Preview/print report in Navision 2009 R2 RTC

Hey guys,

We are trying to preview/print a report in our RTC client , but everytime I try it , it tells me that I cannot do that because Microsoft report viewer is not installed…

I downloaded and installed it, the same message keeps appearing, I restarted, same thing, I even installed it on the server (knowing it does not make sense because it’s a client side issue), no ball.

I tried on other computers, same thing…

What do I do?

Does it have an RDLC layout? If it’s a Classic report that you’re trying to print from the RTC you also have to have Classic Client installed on the machine.

Classic is installed … The error is that RTC is asking for the microsoft report viewer even though it is installed

Check in your DVD at below path

Prerequisite Components\Microsoft Report Viewer 2008

Hi Mohana,

thing is I already located it at Microsoft download center, downloaded it (Microsoft report viewer 2010 redestributable ) and installed it…

another thing is I don’t even have the DVD for it, we have the setup files on our file server and we install using it…

check this blog