Posting date for opening journals

Dear All,

I am transferring opening General journals in newly implemented NAV system. The cut off date is 31st Dec 2009. If I post the new opening with Jan 1 , 2010 i guess i will have a problem that system considers these opening balance as the transactions of that day. So i am thinking of using the closing date the system uses i.e. C31/12/09.

Is it the right idea?

Your suggestions are most welcome.

Thanks in advance

Why as not?

As far as I know standard NAV posting routines will not you to post them only if you are posting to G/L Accounts. Have a look at e.g. codeunit 11 - Gen. Jnl.-Check Line in function RunCheck:

IF “Posting Date” <> NORMALDATE(“Posting Date”) THEN BEGIN
IF (“Account Type” <> “Account Type”::“G/L Account”) OR
(“Bal. Account Type” <> “Bal. Account Type”::“G/L Account”)

post the journals as the 31/12/09, this separates it from any transactions on 01/01/10 and acts as an opening balance.

Thank you everybody