How to Post Opening Balance

Hi I am facing problem in entering Opening Blanaces in Navision Financials. Suppose My clinet started Using the Financials from 1-04-02 (from first april). Our Financial year Starts from the same date ie 1-04-02. Now i am not able to decide how the opening balances should be posted to the Navion Financilas.(The problem is in selection in Posting Date) Can any one suggest me, how to post Opening Balance in Navision Financials -2.60. Thanks in advance

Normally, in the case you describe, you would post your opening General Ledger balances as the year end balances with a posting date of 31-3-02. You would verify them by running financial statements as of the end of that prior fiscal year. Then you would close that year and your balances would be correct for the beginning of the fiscal year beginning 01-April-02.