Post partial Invoice for fully received PO

I have scenario of posting partial invoice for fully received PO.
PO - 000001 having one item ITM0002 of quantity 5 Pcs
Product receipt has been posted for all the quantity (5Pcs received).
Now i need to post the invoice for 3 Pcs.
How can I achieve this through X++.
Can anyone please help me in this case?
Thanks in advance


There is a functionality at the invoice , Default Quantity for Lines, in tht select Ordered Quantity, after that in lines , select the quantity you want, kindly do this in test environment and let me know.


Thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately I couldn’t understand what you exactly mean.

So can you please explain me, in which Class / Table, Method / Field I should make the customization for achieve the same.

Thanks In Advance