How to post partial invoice for SO/PO ?


I have scenario of posting partial invoice for PO and SO.

Example :

PO - PO0001 with 2 lines each 10 qty

product receipt has been posted for all the qty (1st line 10 qty is received , 2nd line 10 Qty is received).

Now i need to post the invoice for specific quantity say 1st line for qty 5 and 2nd line for qty 6

I tried to post with PackingSlip option, but it is posting all the qty of the line.

How to post the invoice with quantity filter ? Can any one please help me in this case.

Thanks in advance,


Users can change quantity on Lines and Line details tabs in the Posting invoice dialog.

You’re asking in the developer forum, so you’re probably trying to do it in code. What users specify is internally stored in PurchParmLine/SalesParmLine tables. You can modify data there for the given posting (ParmId).