Partial GRN invoice

Hi All

i want to do one thing, as in a purchase order i have the partial delivery from the vendor and i want to invoice the PO as what ever i received. For this we can do that but if i have multiple partial delivey how can i do that as for each deliver i want the separate invoices. e.g i make the PO of 600 quantity and first i receive 200 quantity, next i receive another 200, now when i invoice the system make the invoice of all 400 all together. What i want i want to make the invoice separate for 200 each. How can i do this.Please advise


Use the delivery note option on the invoice process and bring in the receipts one at a time. This will mean however you have two invoices in the system when the supplier has given you one, so you are not reflecting what has actually happened.

Can u explain me how can i use this as i have total ordered is 600 quantity, and one packing slip is of 302 and other is of 298. How can i invoice these two separately.


Well if you invoice them seperately on the invoice process press the delivery note option and bring in teh delivery not for 302. Post the invoice. Invoice the PO again, pull in the delivery not for 298 and invoice.

Thanks Adam for your usual support