PO double invoiced

Hi All

when user invoiced the PO it get invoiced and status was still the received the user again invoiced the PO now against one PO their are two voucher of same amount.How can i solve this issue. Do i need to prepare the return order and again create the PO.Please advise.


Deliver Now the negative amount and invoice it.

the PO is invoiced, and it has two voucher means the amount is credited two time.

Are you saying it was only received once? for x and has now been invoiced for 2x? Not sure why my suggestion does not work, your implication is the purchase order has been processed twice, so I am saying reverse one of these through process.

Thanks for reverting.

well i think the process of reversing for the PO invoiced is the Return order and we create the credit note. In this case when i reverse or create the credit note the amount of the credit note will/may become 2X.