Planning worksheet - new purchase order


I created a New Item , so Inventory Qty = 0

I created a sales order for the New item , Qty = 100 on 01 / 01 / 2010 - shipment date - 01 / 05/2010 it is urgent sales order

Now i run the planning work sheet system suggested a purchase order for that against that sales order.

I run the carryout action message so system created a purchase order .

i sent the purchase order on 01/01/2010 order no - P001 , after two days supplier told material is not availble .

so i cancelled the purchase order - P001 ( with a boolean field Cancelled- it is customization).

now when i run the planning work sheet again system is not suggesting any purchase order against this sales order .

system treats already purchase order created .

so My query is how to create the another purchase order when old purchase order cancelled.

Please suggest me .

Hi Lally,

As you have neither Received nor Invoiced your PO, then I believe you should archive it, change the quantities to 0 (or may be delete the PO itself) and then run the planning worksheet.

By just adding a boolean field in Purchase Header, the system doesn’t take care of its cancellation in Planning worksheet, you should consider doing customization or follow the first approach.

Thanks Dahn Raj,

Why I am not deleting the purchase order , because client wants to know the how many purchase orders cancelled in a month.

Second thing I am requesting the experts where I have to write the code or any functionality to exclude that purchase orders which contain the check mark.

What is the issue in Archiving the PO and then changing the quantities in Purchase Line to 0?

I feel your modification for the “cancelling” of the purchase order is only half processed, by the nature of the system you have to remove it from planning. If you are trying to capture cancelled purchase orders then downdate the quantity, then planning would pick it up, if you are tracking original against ordered then it depends on this modification, otherwise you need to modify the planning engine, which is more complicated - talk to your developers.

Do not cancel the order.

On the original order line reduce the quantity to 0 (zero)

Create new order line for same part, origonal quantity and new date.

Re-run planning.

Your boolean is on the order header? I would put it also on the lines. Just to begin.

Both in Item table and in Vendor table there are flowfields based on Purchase Order Lines which should be modified so that lines of deleted orders can be excluded.

That will solve the most of your problems, although there might be here and there some code calculating quantities and values on prurchase orders going directly through the PO lines… you need to check the code behind the planning work sheet for that - I did some time ago, but I don’t remember the details, sorry.

Thanks to all,

i got the solution.