Phys Inventory Journal's Calculated Qty does not equal On Hand Inventory

After some investigation following our 2011 physical inventory, we have discovered a problem. Of our 16,000 inventory items, 180 items showed an incorrect value (almost always 0) as the Calculated Qty on the Phys Inventory Journal when there was actually quantities in stock. Not only did the item card show the correct quantity, but a check of both the Item Ledger and Warehouse Entry tables both calculated to the correct quantity as well.

We use bins, and all of the items were set up correctly for this. We also use a single location only.

Does anyone know of a reason why this value could be wrong?

Hi Bob,

do you eventually have any modifications active allowing to calculate your inventor to a certain date?



[Perhaps stupid questions, but] Did you check Item Ledger Entries for blank Location Code?
When running “Calculate Inventory”, is there a “Location Filter” present? If - try without any filter.
Has the “Calculate Inventory”-batch (report 790) been changed?
NAV works with “Quantity” and “Invoiced Quantity”; is there any mix-up here?

You mention “physical inventory” and “incorrect value” - I guess you mean quantities only, right? If you really mean “value”, there are some options.

Anyway - my way of solving this would be using the debugger.
Pick one of the items showing incorrect inventory and debug the “Calculate Inventory”-batch.

Hi Jan,

I am not aware of any mods that would affect inventory calculations. I will investigate this a bit. Thanks!