4.0 SP3, Phys. Inv., Calc Inv shows inv that doesn't exist

Hi Yall,

As above, when running Calculate Inventory in the Physical Inventory Journal, for one item it shows calculated inventory of 1. Problem is when you look at the item ledger entries none are still open and all have a remaining qty. of 0!!! Weird

So I watched it under the debugger and it looks to Warehouse Entries.

This still makes no sense. There is no stock in inventory, yet it calculates 1.

Any ideas??

I can see that the issue is because there are warehouse entries, and the system will sum the qty of them and add an entry for that sum.

Problem is that the qty. sum for the bin is 1, yet there are no open entries anywhere for the item. Now I will have to figure out how to correct the issue where a bin is involved.

Anyone with more ideas?

Hi All,

has no one any information on why the Phys. Inv calculation is incorrect?


Seems nobody has experienced the same - and replaying your “scenario” is difficult if at all possible…

Besides, I recall I moved today your question from Errors etc. forum to SCM, where it belongs more - maybe wrong forum is reason why it went unnoticed.

Did u check “Item Not on Inventory” as well while running this batch job ? If yes run without checking that.