Physical Inventory - add Item to the Pys Inventory Journal

Making a physical inventory I’ve detected problem with many of our items that are found in the warehouse and should be reported as new stock where previous level is zero (Calculated Qty = 0).

The problem is, the item is not picked up by the Calculate Inventory batch report, even running it with “Items not on Inventory” tick ON. The items found had no single movement in the past so no journal exist (which is why I think this fails).

So we try adding the line to Physical Inventory Journal and update the Physical Quanity but there comes the error:

“Phys. Inventory must be Yes in Item Journal Line Journal Template Name=“PHYS.INVE”, Journal Batch Name=“DEFAULT”, Line No.=…”

I find this very annoying as I think it is correct to update Inventory using the Inventory journal and to avoid workaround of going through Item Ledger and Positive adjustment.

This link…/viewtopic.php

suggest to use Calculate Inventory where Item No. is specifically enetered and “Items not on Inventory” option selected. This does not work for me, the new line is not added.

So now I know I can make the “Phys Inventory” Boolean fiedl editable and let user set it manualy to pass the check, but this does not “feel” like an elegant solution…

What would be your recomended best way to solve this?

If an item has No Item ledger entries then why would you need it to show in the Phys. Inv. Journal?

I know the NAV logic behind… but still, this happens and we are discovering items that must be reported in and had no movements.

From what I have seen, in other company we run, it happens because of mistakes. Our product can be mixed when dimensionally similar, so was entered as different product. Now we see the mistake so the “incorrect item” should be set to zero and the correct one registered (despite no movement).

Now there is identical problem in a company I’m preparing to go live and want to set the opening stock levels (items migrated from other company, but no ledger entries). t the same time, we want to make full proper physical inventory.

Direclty pass Adjustment using Item Adjustment journal in Item Ledger entry.

Not a solution really. When going live and a full physical inventory is performed, we also need physical inventory report after it is completed. But the items can§t be added as in clean system they have no journal entries…

Technically this works and we would get the stock opening balances but as the business process is Pysical inventarisation, I think it would be proper to use the NAV function built for it.

I made the Physical invenotory boolean editable and added it to Inventory form. tested in our test environment and all seem OK, lines can be added this way and inventory posted. But this way of tricking the system does not make me feel very comfortable really [:(]

If item are not in system and physical lying in store then add those item in Phys.Inventory Journal ,so we will get report of physical inventory.

We need to record this stock somewhere in system so you need to push this stock using item journal.

So you basically suggest to do this in two steps, ie.

  • build the stock using item journal

  • then run physical inventory over the stock levels built (and get the Phys.inventory report etc). Asumin doing it this way physical inventory process would have zero difference.

I’mjust wondering if this would not be pain when item tracking is used… I assume that item tracking would need to be reentered when phys inventory journal is processed in the second step… [*-)]

You need to consult with your store guys why they have not entered the stock in system when it is physically lying in store.

So now if you want to record those item then you need to pass item journal to get that stock in system,

Amol, I don’t think you understand what the situation is. I have SAME problem. We are STARTING UP the system, and need to initially load our inventory balances. To do so, we are going to take a physical inventory. I wish to have that entered via the Physical Inventory Journal. The reason the inventory is not there is we are just getting started with our system!!!

But I am getting same error. When I do Calculate Inventory, even though I tick the checkbox for Not in Inventory, there are still no items loading.

And when I try and key in the item into the journal, I get the same error. Essentially, the boolean field is off, not on, when I key in the item. So I have to customize the page in order to add the Physical Inventory field and have the user manually check/tick it on. Seems like a ridiculous way to do this.

And otherwise, I have to go through the client’s initial inventory with an Item Journal, instead of Physical Inventory Journal. Client thinks its ridiculous that it cannot be done the RIGHT way the first time, without customizing the system. And I think so too.



As we all know “include item not in inventory” means the items which are having a few entries, but the present stock level is zero. As Amol said, Item journal is being widely used for uploading opening inventory and probably physical inventory journal once the operation cycle begins. Really didn’t use Physical inventory Boolean !